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Transportation & Hospitality

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The industry across the globe, providing integrated IT, BPO and infrastructure services to enable flexible business model options for our clients. As active members of hospitality industry forums, we are is committed to leveraging technology to solve the industry’s most pressing business challenges.


  • Partnership with sustainable companies to provide solutions for infrastructure and supporting facilities
  • Robust delivery model that incorporates a matrix-driven delivery system that measures SLA compliance, customer satisfaction, customer complaints, on-time delivery and defect-free delivery for service consistency
  • Innovation Labs that provide cutting-edge solutions
  • Leveraging Moreweb Solutions Services, a global research of academic institutions, start-up companies, venture funds, strategic alliance partners, multi-lateral organizations and key clients for innovative solutions
  • Access to multiple Centers technical knowledge and domain, that provides the satisfaction of dealing with one-stop-solution providers
  • Productivity improvements up to 25% year-on-year