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Independent Testing

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A vision on the customer’s experience requires a re-evaluation of the total testing view and a change from an inside-out perspective to an outside-in. To accomplish the demand for application agility, quality assurance (QA) testing organizations need beter test automation and continuous testing. They also need to reposition QA testing from a quality gateway to ensuring a better user experience!


Moreweb Solutions is a testing partner for many gloabal companies. We’ve been in the testing business for 10 years, employ a dedicated testing workforce of 1,000, and orchestrate nearshore and right-sourcing testing opinions from our global delivery center in Germany. We think beyond functional testing by linking & testing requirements to the business needs of your customers.


Our scalable and modularized test platform, deployed on premises or in the cloud, transforms testing journeys. We use numerous accelerators to design Agile test methods that meet your customers’ needs for digital testing, mobility testing, cloud testing, data testing, security testing, ERP implementation testing, performance testing and automation testing services.